Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birdcage, pink and gold

Yes! finally i had the chance to make my own version of the Birdcage of Zoe Clark. And then of course it had to be.... yes.. PINK! LOL. How i loved making this cake but it took so much time. I had absolutely no clue! But the result is lovely!

Hop u like it


  1. Gaaaf Tess! Wat een plaaaatje weer. En wat heb je een leuke blog! Ik ga eens kijken of ik je kan volgen....Heb zelf ook een blog hier, maar ben er nog niet helemaal uit hoe het werkt...
    Jij wel zo te zien! Supergaaf!

  2. Gorgeous! I just found you from Caroline's Cake Company blog who led me to Nadine's blog whereby I found you!. Your cake designs are fabulous - I look forward to you posts!

  3. LOL! My name was also in de blogpost from Caroline's Cake Company below Nadine. Thank you for following my blog!

  4. gold bird cage very nice to see that you are doing for some good so i would like to thank you for sharing such a beautiful cages so nice of you dear i hope that you will post more for us

  5. Very, very beautiful. . Congratulations. My BLOG is



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