Friday, June 17, 2011

White and Black Wedding Cake

Well it is something different than what I normally do ..I have not used round cakes and no pink! But suprisingly I am very pleased with this white, black and red wedding cake.
The bride was really a fan of a Zoe Clark wedding cake but without the pink en the cake had to be square.

I worked on this cake together with a friend and we had so much fun! Every step further on the cake we were more pleased.. and this is the result!

Hope you like it


  1. Every cake your create is absolutely charming! Such an elegant and stylish touch always!

  2. wow wat een mooie taart :D! SUPER! Wat een leuke blog heb je zeg, we gaan je volgen! En wat een mooie taarten, knap zeg, ik heb al moeite met een simpele cupcake bakken, haha! Fijn weekend!

  3. BEAUTIFUL as always :-)



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